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About Us

Tradition in High Quality, Exquisite Taste and Luxury

YND Luxury Bazar is a renowned luxury goods online company that is part of the esteemed Barradas & Silvestre Group.


With a rich history dating back to 1946, the group has been representing some of the world's most exclusive brands in a variety of segments such as Optics, Luggage, Furniture, High Fidelity, Musical Instruments, Industrial Design Instruments, Architecture, and Art. The group has recently expanded its portfolio to include Watchmaking and Jewelry as well.

Thanks to the loyalty of customers from Angola, Mozambique, and South Africa, the group has established a strong connection with the African market, which has opened doors to other countries on the continent. The success story of the group is built on serving Diplomats, Government Members, Businesspeople, and Artists who trust the group to deliver the best luxury products.

Located in Portugal, the group has the advantage of being a strategic logistics and distribution platform that bridges the gap between America, Europe, and Africa. The team at YND Luxury Bazar works tirelessly to source the best luxury brands and products, always on the lookout for new opportunities to provide their customers with the ultimate luxury experience.

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